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Modern Pour Cocktail Catering

Modern Pour is redefining cocktail catering with a focus on delivering excellence and elegance to every event. The Modern Pour idea was born of the need for a full-service beverage catering partner that knows how to create an exceptional event experience. Our passion is to elevate your event through our beverage program that tells a story uniquely your own. Our team of talented mixologists becomes your very own cocktail concierge team. We work with you to invent recipes that will take each guest to the ultimate party experience. Each cocktail is paired perfectly to match the atmosphere of your party. We know that things like no liquor license and planning an event can be stressful. Let us take the pressure off by catering your cocktails and making for a stress-free, unforgettable event.

For most events, cocktails are an afterthought, and we want your event to be different. The cocktail is an integral part of your event experience. We will help you elevate your event with "Custom Curated Creations," what we call "Detailed Service," and a deep understanding of how emotion plays into the experience of each custom event. We help make weddings, corporate events, showers, and celebrations of all types legendary. We are also available to make your home event an out-of-this-world experience for your special day. No matter what the occasion, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure it’s a special one for all involved.

We offer full-service that includes everything you might need for your event. We do mean everything, from alcohol to customer recipe development, cocktail packages, bartending services, and onsite concierge. Each detail is taken into account for your event. When you are trying to decide what's best for your event, you can consider the following. Hosted bars are when guests are not charged for cocktails. These hosted bars are priced per person. What we call consumption bars, the client pays per drink. You can also buy tickets to give to your guests before switching to a cash bar. Cash bars are when the individual guest pays for their drinks.

You want the best for your event, and our unique approach of dedication to emotions, vibe, creativity, and customization is what makes us different. This dedication to the experience is what will make your event a step above the rest. Add class and style to your special day with the experiential expertise of our staff. We know how to match the beverage program to match your event's vibe — using cocktails to tell a story with a deep understanding of how emotions and experiences can make lifelong memories. Standing apart from our competitors with class, style, and education, you can guarantee unrivaled professionalism from our staff. Each locally sourced, scratch-made cocktail is delivered by polished and professional mixologists. Your guests will receive never-before-seen creations with presentations they won't soon forget. Having a dedicated team to make each detail of your event pop is like a breath of fresh air on an August day.

Art and science are at the forefront of our planning and presentations. Our hospitality professionals have a true understanding of the art and science of mixology and customer service. We know that the wrong staff can hurt your event. We meticulously hire and educate each team member to higher than industry standards. Hiring tenured industry pros dedicated to every detail of your special event ensures that our team of rockstars will deliver the best-in-class experience at your event. With a hospitable and can-do attitude, you and your guests will have an elevated, reliable experience every time you call Modern Pour for your cocktail catering services.

Take your event from a good time to an unforgettable time with Modern Pour cocktail catering. We know that you have options when choosing an alcohol catering service, let us show you how we are a step above our competitors. Create a fun, luxurious event with unforgettable cocktail creations and exceptional customer service. Let us worry about liquor licenses and delivering your guests a cocktail experience fit for a king (or queen). Your event should reflect your style, and our bartending services can match and amplify it. If you are looking for more than just hiring a bartender for your wedding or event, consider concierge event cocktail catering services from Modern Pour today.

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